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Welcome to the Avantor Stockroom

The Avantor Stockroom provides service and support for all undergraduate chemistry courses and graduate & faculty research.

With over 400 scientific products in stock and readily available for purchase, the Avantor Stockroom provides service and support for all undergraduate science courses, and graduate & faculty research, university wide.


The Avantor associates on campus provide easy access to Avantor’s comprehensive list of chemicals, glassware, & other supplies.

A Letter to the University

Dear Penn State Science Community,

          At the Avantor Stockroom, the health and safety of our customers, employees, and community that we serve is our top priority. 

          In light of the events surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak and in line with our mission “We set science in motion to create a better world”, and to further assist in the important research that is happening all around us, we are happy to say that the Avantor Stockroom will be open as long as the University allows us to remain open. We have instructions from our corporate offices to take any and all precautions necessary to protect ourselves and others from spreading any potential contagion that may be present: hand washing, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. We are actively cleaning and sanitizing the computer in the stockroom for LN2 purchases and gloves & hand sanitizer are available at the computer for those that wish to use them.


          We are currently working limited hours (click here) and the Stockroom window will remain closed for safety reasons. Orders can be placed via telephone during the designated hours and instructions for pickup will be emailed to you when the order is available for pickup. To limit our contact, and with most buildings on campus being locked, we are not able to deliver orders at this time. Liquid nitrogen distribution will remain as normal, within our limited hours on campus, for the time being.

            The PSU/Avantor Stockroom is proud to continue to serve the Penn State community.


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